Monday, May 23, 2011

Help Moms Stay at Home with their Children

For a while now I have been working on taking Buy By Mom to the next level…the site needs re-building and it needs a professionally developed Media/PR Package.

Well…Great News this week! I just received notice this week that I am a semifinalist of the Moms In Business Grant!
The National Association For Moms In Business’ grant program allows me to build my business ( Buy By Mom) capital by harnessing the power of crowd funding to take Buy By Mom to the next level so I can help even more Moms in business!

About my Venture
The purpose of is to promote moms in business and get them out on the web. My passion is for the moms who want to stay at home with their children while bringing in an income by selling the items they create or the products they believe in. A friend of mine started an online boutique and tried so hard to market it and get word out about the products that she offered. However, in over 2 years, she only ever made 2 sales from the boutique. She was heartbroken. All the time, money, and effort she was putting into the website was bringing her nothing in return. She was frustrated, to say the least, and decided to close up shop. was born because I wanted to keep that from happening to other moms. I wanted to see mothers succeed in their businesses and be able to stay at home with their children. I wanted to spread the word about the amazing talents moms possess and I wanted to see them succeed beyond their wildest dreams in your business. I truly believe that by working together, we can make each mom a success.

This new way of fundraising process allows all persons, even those with very little to give, to show their support and be a part of something big.

The Moms In Business Grant is the first-ever crowdfunding business grant in the nation, and I’m one of the Top 10 National Semifinalists!

This is an exciting opportunity for me to grow my business and to have a chance at a $12,000 Grand Prize Grant Package. I’m literally one of the final 10 that were chosen out of dozens of business owners who initially applied.

I’m so close to winning, but I need your help.

I need you to pledge support for my business, Buy By Mom. Sharing the information about this with your friends and family would be very helpful too!
Statistics show that women business owners do not have the same advantage as male business owners in getting funding for their business. In fact, women business owners only receive 11% of venture capital funding, but woman-owned businesses tend to stay in business longer. This is exactly why the National Association For Moms In Business has developed this revolutionary business grant rather than giving the “traditional” kind of business grant. Due to the promotional requirementsto be successful in this grant, it’s a good way to identify those entrepreneurs who will go the extra mile to publicize and build their ventures therefore making them ideal candidates for our additional $12,000 grant support.

How does this work?

The “crowdfunding” platform is a way to raise money by attracting many small donations from a large group (friends, family, professional contacts) to meet a funding goal. “Backers” give contributions in exchange for rewards or perks offered by the grant applicant – rewards can be any product, service or experience to which the grant applicant has access. And example of crowdfunding is an NPR pledge drive - if you donate $25.00 to NPR, donors may get an NPR T-shirt or a coffee mug, or get to go “behind the scenes” at a special event, etc.
In addition, if I win, I will receive up to $1000 in additional funding. That means that every dollar you give to my project may be matched: dollar for dollar!
Step 2: Click on button Back This MOM for Buy By Mom
Step 3: Click on button Back This Project
Step 4: Choose your reward option, for example Featured Sponsor Spot for 9 months or Featured Parent and Featured Sponsor for One Year and Enter Pledge Amount

The grant ends on June 15th, so please back my project today. And tell your friends!

I’m excited that I have the opportunity to participate in this program!

I am a Proud Mom in Business, and would very much appreciate your help.